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Fall FUN Activities for Your Classroom

Autumn is definitely my favorite season of all… I love seeing all the color and feeling the change in the weather. It is the time we pull out our fun boots and cute scarfs! This is also the time of the year when we have established our students expectations, routines, and most things are smooth sailing in our classrooms. That is why I decide to I pull out some of my fun and engaging reading, writing and poetry resources.  My students LOVE these lessons. Sometimes I think my love of the activities comes through during my teaching, because my students will usually vote them as some of their favorites for the year!
I scoured over my many favorite Fall Activities that work in the classroom to share with you today. I want to share a few that I found and some that I use with my students. Also, there will be an activity that I want to share with you to use this season.
Here are my top 5 Fall Activities
I LOVE my monthly Reading Comprehension Passage Sets. The October Reading set is a perfect activity for you to use as: guided reading activity, bell work, homework, or assessments. Each set focuses on: Summary, Context Clues, Author's Purpose, Inferencing, and a Writing Skill. You cam easily project these on a SMARTBOARD or create monthly printable packets- answer keys are provided! They are quick mini passages that you will LOVE using with your students. I will create a monthly theme packet for each month. YOU will love grabbing these sets to use monthly with your students! I recommend using them with grades 3-5- every set has different genres from Poetry, Nonfiction, Fables, and Fiction! 

My absolute favorite fall activity to do is to study Fables in the Fall. I even call it FALL FABLES UNIT. We study and read many fables. We usually work on this unit for 2 weeks at the beginning of October. I use this resource and have my students develop their very own fable with a FALL TWIST to it! For example: the tortoise and the hare might race within a corn field or a Haunted House. The kids have a blast coming up with CREATIVE stories!

I also love focusing on Mysteries during the month of October. It goes so well with the month and kids really get into this unit of study. We read mysteries and really analyze them. The best part is having the students create their mystery and sharing them. I usually display them, the kids take so much pride in these units and published writing samples. I even found these cute notebooks at Target in the Dollar Spot that would be perfect for this unit.

I never leave out Halloween, I know how important this special day is for my kids and students. So I created a Halloween Activity Packet with the perfect amount of Writing, Poetry and FUN! My kids absolutely love the Writing Prompts. A good tip is to place these in a writing center and let students pick a few to focus on. The roll and write I would assign as an extension activity or homework assignment. There is so much in this packet you will have a blast in October!

I also love my Halloween Pennants- All you have to do is TEACH-GO with these! They are perfect interactive activities for any class! I have the How to Carve a Pumpkin or the Halloween Writing Pennants. 

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