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Teaching About The Presidential Election

Have you decided if you are teaching your students/ kids about the Presidential Election? It is a tricky subject and many times we- as teachers/adults- like to keep this tricky subjects away from kids.... 

However, I can tell you the first encounter I had with Presidential Elections was in 2nd grade. I remember our teacher allowing us to do a class mock election. We privately voted, she counted our votes, and showed us a bar graph on the chalkboard. I remember who I clearly voted for! I remember he became a very LOVED United States President the next day! I remember cheering for him at night when they announced the winner! I was involved all because of what my teacher did for me in that lesson. So.... isn't that our purpose as teachers? Aren't we suppose to engrave memories, encourage life long learning and love for history? Well, I know she did her job with that lesson because all my friends and I in 2nd grade spoke of it for a few weeks. We understood the election process and we knew who our new President of the United States was.
As teacher, I always take advantage of this special time in teaching my students about Government. I do it by integrating many subjects from Writing, Reading, Social Studies, and Math. The kids LOVE our Election Unit. It truly becomes a favorite unit for all my students. Some of the things we do...
⚫Writing Prompts on Being President... and more.
⚫Class Mock Election 
⚫Researching Past Presidents - finding fun facts, presenting to the class. I would assign each kid a President to research.
⚫Researching the electoral process.
⚫Predicting Winners in race.
⚫Read newpaper articles
⚫Read fun Presidential/ Voting Picture Books.
Some of my favorite books I read to my students daily throughout this unit are...
I LOVE our class picture book read aloud time, usually following we do some writing to reflect on book. Look below because I wanted to share with you some writing prompts I use with my students during the Presidential Election. 

This year my favorite activity I am having my kids I work with create is this Election Day/ Presidential Pennant. I LOVE displaying their work and this is such a unique interactive activity! I know my kids will love completing these and seeing them displayed throughout the election! You can grab yours on sale through the election: CLICK HERE!
I also have students create their Presidential Research projects during this time. These packets includes all U.S. Presidents and ANY FUTURE Presidents will be added. Your students will LOVE seeing these displayed as they learn all about the U.S. Presidents. I decide between using the Pennants, or Brochures. If you would like to see these: CLICK HERE!

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