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Tips for a Successful End of The School Year

Are you looking for Successful End of the School Year Tips? Well, friends I've been thinking about the best tips to help you have a great end of the school year! It is amazing to me how quickly the school year is flying by. As we get closer to the end we start to realize all the things we want to hurry and teach our sweet kiddos. I usually get sad this time of the year because these kids have become part of my life. I know we have those days that are unbearable, but at the end of the day- we step back and realize how much we love these kids! I try to remember the quote above, "Be the teacher that kids don't want to leave at the end of the school year!" I am the silly teacher that cries with my kiddos! Parents always say how much they love this, because they know I LOVE their kids!

How to End Your School Year is always a question many new teachers and experienced teachers have! I remember my first year I was NOT prepared at all and there was NO TPT back then! So I had to run off copies of some OLD looking memory book and it was just yuck! I am sure you know exactly what I mean, right? I wanted to share some tips with you and some resources that I use to help me get through the end of the year successfully!
So are you interested in some quick tips to make your end of school year smooth and easy? Here are some I use and would LOVE to share with you! Below you will see some activities and resources I use as well!
Set weekly and daily goals for you and your class! Due to the end of the year quickly approaching try your best to set goals to help you accomplish your tasks! 
Teach and DO NOT PACK UP, YET! Do not start taking down stuff and packing until it is totally necessary! Kids see you taking down stuff and they assume school is out! Then you WONDER... why is my class crazy? You can start organizing and putting stuff that has been sitting out since November, but seriously, DO NOT PACK UP! It looks boring and you WILL have some negative behavior! Who is with me??
Think Outside the BOX yes!!! Yes, you need to approach teaching in a SMART manner! Your kids and you are both ready for SUMMER! Now is the time to start doing those FUN projects you have wanted to tackle all year! Check out all my Research Pennants! Or check out my sweet friend's Brooke Brown's Stem Activities! You need to get creative to get those kiddos excited to learn and focus these last few weeks!
I'm interested in always knowing what teachers do to make the last weeks with their students memorable and meaningful. I love creating resources so I can have several options to use. Sometimes I have my students create memory books (always a kid favorite). This helps me reflect as a teacher and the kids reflect on their year. Then I started having my students create brochures for kids entering the grade the next year. My KIDS love these because they get to be experts and help out the new class I'll have. It's fun reading these!
⚫My favorite is the END OF YEAR BROCHURE with tips for my students coming into my class the next year! Oh wow, these are so fun to read! The kids get a big kick out of these!! I love passing them out to my new kids the following year and watching them get excited about all the things we will learn! So this one is a win, win activity!
⚫Of course the Memory Book and End of Year LAP BOOK is a fun way for the kids to reflect on their school year! This is an easy to use packet, print front to back to save paper!
⚫My End of Year Flip Booklet and EMOJI Pennants is new and I know what a big hit these are for displaying and parents LOVE these! These are fun and kids LOVE seeing them displayed!

Of course I love passing out AWARDS to my students. I try to buy or create awards that matches the school theme for the year! This year my fun addition to my awards was the EMOJI awards! For some reason these kiddos are obsessed with using emoji's! So I know they'll love these! It fun because I try to think of each kid and personalize their award for them. I recently uploaded these to my store: with the EDITABLE option because I know it's important for teachers to be able to customize for their kiddos as well! Link to Awards: Shop Awards

I'd love to hear from you, what are special things you do at the End of The School Year? What is your best secret, or tip! Thank you to Kate Hadefield Designs for the Beautiful Clipart in the images!

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Many blessings to you all and Happy End of the School Year!


  1. Wow! You have everything any teacher could need for the end of the year!!!! You are such an awesome teacher!!!

  2. I love the end of the year pennants! You always have such great ideas. :)

  3. So many amazing ideas! Thank you for sharing and participating in the hop!

    Cait's Cool School

  4. Tons of fun activities for the end of the school year-your students will be engaged until the very end!

    Sugar Cube Learning

  5. Love this! Thanks


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